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Introducing Yepp

From now on you can finally show your friends you know all about sports! Place your predictions on all your favorite sports events in major international Football, Motorsport, and Tennis competitions.


Experience the greatest sport event of the year. Place your predictions on all of your favourite matches, or on who’s winning the trophy.


Download the experience and enjoy the Qatar Fanzone 2022 with your friends!


Who needs to go to Qatar when you can enjoy it all on Yepp?

How to Yepp?

Play directly against all of your friends, in a group created by you, with your beer buddies, teammates, or all the other yeppers in the country and the world. Join the global community!

You set the stakes. You place your prediction. Yepp creates the leaderboard!

We convert real market odds into points for every correct prediction made.


Play against your all-time rival, or with your entire friend group.

Create challenges on just one game, or create a challenge on all of your favourite games from Qatar. You’re in charge of your very own competition!

Or prove yourself against the entire global Yepp community by playing in our Official Global Championship!


We show you the match calendar, who is broadcasting every match, and where to find the nearest sports bar!


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