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Our fan engagement solutions, directly for your digital products. 

Fan engagement

Integrate our innovative sports predictor with a large variety of new way to keep your fans engaged through out the entire season.


All our features are customized and tailored to suit our customers digital experience

Easy integration

We are able to deliver for any tech-stack with minimal integration effort from our customers side


We help you drive engagement directly within your digital products.

Together we can enhance your audience’s experience on your products.

We help you build your community, keep them engaged and creating an unforgettable experience that makes your users use your products daily.

Full Season predictions

Game Day predictions

Group & community fan activation

playoff brackets

Community leaderboards

multi sport championships

American Football
Ice Hockey
Motor Racing
Available for all sports

Our engagement features are tailored to create an unforgettable experience across all major sports globally.

Our customers

These are the main markets we serve, successfully delivering a products suited for every need they have.  

Sport Teams

Sport Teams

Enhance your team's app by adding our fan engagement features, giving your fans a chance to compete against each other on your teams results, bringing your fans closer to each other and to your team.

Sports Broadcasters

Sports Broadcasters

You have the content, we provide the engagement. Give your audience a reason to enter your platform not only during a live sport event, but also before and after. Driving engagement on your platform leads to larger opportunities.

Sport Tech

Sport Tech

Add extra engagement features to your sports content. Create your own community and engage your customers to drive retention.

Sports Bars

Sports Bars

Give your customers a reason to come again. We created an app so that your customers can predict against each other while in your bar for the chance to win the next free beer!

Added value for our customers

Fan engagement

Drive viewership and retention of fans

Revenue opportunities

Sponsorships, ticket & merch sales, etc.


New meaningful data on customer audience

Engaging on all levels

Yepp can deliver a captivating experience through each and one of the following:

Enable your fans to predict absolutely any outcome on all sports and events based and accumulate points based on real-market probabilities.

Select from our large suite of fan engagement features and offer your audience an unforgettable experience.

We generate real-time rewards via QR-codes and vouchers, redeemable at vendors in and around the venue.

For every right predictions your fans receive real-market points and climb the leaderboard. We are able to create all different types of leaderboards, for different types of competitions.

Our development team will deliver for any tech stack and any language. Reach out for more information.

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